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What We Do

The Storybook Project of Arkansas is a non-profit prison outreach program which helps keep families connected during incarceration. Several times a year, we bring children’s books and digital recorders and record parents and grandparents (and the occasional uncle or aunt) reading a beloved book and giving a message to the children in their life. 

Our program gives incarcerated parents and grandparents an opportunity to be a good role model for their kids, to parent them, and to show that they love them even if they can't be together. For the child, it's a tangible sign of their parent's or grandparent's love for them; often, it may be the child's only opportunity to hear their loved one's voice because circumstances make it impossible for the child to call or visit the reader.

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“My little sisters and I enjoyed the book

that we received from our Dad.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to hear [his] voice. ...

My little sister was three when he left,

so she doesn’t know what he sounds like,

but y’all let us hear his voice on the CD.

It left me in tears. Thank you so much.”

-- Anastasia, 14

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