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Spread the Word!

We are passionate about The Storybook Project and would love the opportunity to share our program with your organization.


We feel that participation in The Storybook Project is a blessing for the readers, the children in their lives, and also the volunteers. Please get in touch if you would like to invite us to speak to your group.  

book packing April 2019-13.jpg
Prepare Books for Mailing

After the recordings have been burned to CDs, volunteers meet to prepare the books and CDs to be mailed to the children. We do this  in Little Rock, and depending on the number of volunteers, it may take a couple of hours each time.

Apply for Grants

After 20 years operating in the Newport prison, our program is expanding to more correctional facilities. In 2019, we entered the prisons in Wrightsville and Dermott as well as the Pulaski County Jail, and as word of our program spreads, demand from parents and grandparents eager to connect with their children is growing. 


Obtaining outside funding is a major priority as our program expands to meet rising demand from families. 

Data Entry

We are looking for several volunteers to update a database so that we can better track our impact. Please get in touch if this is something you could help us with from your home.

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