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Meet Our Past Readers



Kim was incarcerated in the McPherson unit in Newport for four years back in 2001 when she read to her children through The Storybook Project. At the time, her kids were 12 and 14 and were being cared for by her mother. As Kim recalls, her son and daughter loved to hear her voice on tape; her mom told her that they cried when they heard it. With her mom working, raising two kids and having very little extra time or money, Kim only got to see her kids once those whole four years. “I cried, I fought back tears the whole time I was reading,” she said. “It broke my heart to be away from my kids.”



When I found out that I was going to actually get to participate in the Storybook Project, I was elated. I could do something for my grandbaby and not have to beg family for money! I did Paddington Bear, I believe.....the day I read it I just cried.

Storybook Project helped me gain some dignity. It's very hard and cold inside, and for that few minutes, it made me feel like a human being again. For people to voluntarily come to that environment, for the compassion and just y’all going in and speaking to inmates like I was. It means more to some than others, but I personally Thank you. I will be forever grateful for that! It’s little things. You all are AWESOME!

-- Leslie Miller #711193

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