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What Our Readers Say


  • I felt like a good Daddy again. It brought back memories of me spending time with my son and reading to him. It warmed my heart and gave me hope for future time with my son. Thanks to The Storybook Project, I was able to make another memory in a place I'm not able to. Thank you so much. 

  • The Storybook Project gave me me a chance to interact with my children in a way that just writing a letter never could. I love the idea of my children listening to my voice after so long. 

  • Since I've come to prison, I've lost contact with everyone I knew. The Storybook Project has not only given me the opportunity to get back in contact with my kids but to teach them important life lessons. 

  • I loved doing it. It made me feel like I was a part of something going on, on the outside of this wall. The Storybook Project gave me a chance to realize how many stories I'm not done telling to my children. 

  • The connections it holds is so real. This is one of the best programs the prison offers. Not every child can handle physically being here to visit, not everyone can have money on their books to call home, but with the outside help from The Storybook Project, we make memories and convos through the power of reading. Thanks to all that make this possible.

  • This Storybook Project is truly a God Send for someone like myself who has been separated from those whom he loves so dearly. This is a simple but very important way to convey a message of love, care, and the deepest thoughts towards your kids and grandkids. More outlets are needed and encouraged. – Jermaine Brown, #141997, who has read with The Storybook Project five times. When our volunteer told Mr. Brown that his comments would be anonymous, he replied, “I’m ready for something positive to be associated with my name.”

  • The Storybook Project has helped me in a way they will never understand. This is the only way my kids can hear my voice right now…so thank you God! My kids are my heart and they helped me remind them of that. Thank you so much!


  • It means a lot to be given the opportunity to read and record a book to send home because I am unable to call home or receive visits. This is an amazing program. My son hasn’t heard my voice in over six months. Thank you and God Bless!


  • One of my favorite things in life is to remember how I laughed with you kids. So enjoy this book. Laugh a lot, boys.

  • I sat across from a lady named Donna today and she made me feel like a normal human being. I was a school teacher for 6 1/2 years and I've always been the person helping someone read or promoting literacy, but today I found myself in the opposite position. I was almost too embarrassed or prideful to participate in the program, but I'm very glad I did. I love what you guys are doing. Great job!

  • I’m here for 40 years. My crime took place when my son was 4 years old. I haven’t seen my son since the day I was taken to jail ... but because of you I got to read my son a book like I used to do when I was home. May God bless each and every one of you and your families.


  • I am keeping this program in my prayers and I hope that the program is going to continue.It privileges us women here to stay in touch with our children.



What Our Chaplains Say

  • The Storybook Project has a huge positive impact. It keeps the women connected to the people they left behind, when they may not be able to spend time with their children on the phone or in visitation. It reminds the children that they haven’t been forgotten when they receive a keepsake for all time. This is really important.


  • The women have a sense of peace when they connect with their children. Anything we can do to connect them to the outside and be thinking about going home and restoring those relationships is positive. It will affect recidivism.


  • The men who request this opportunity do so with a sense of responsibility for their children -- something we rarely see except when they also have the opportunity to have their children in visitation.


What Our Volunteers Say


  • I know this work brings hope to those who are often feeling hopeless and alone, far from the ones they love. It restores their belief that all is not lost. That they can still reach the hearts and minds of their children, connect with them, through reading them a story. A simple act with the power to ripple out beyond circumstances, and locked doors. Just as important, children, separated from their parents, are reminded of the love between them.

  • I was not prepared for what the experience would be like. It's very hard to describe adequately, at least for me it is, the impact that this program has and the depths that it reaches. Getting to sit down and provide the opportunity for someone to reach out and touch a loved one is huge. There are smiles, there is laughter and there are tears. Most of all there is love.d touch a loved one is huge. There are smiles, there is laughter and there are tears. Most of all there is love.

  • This is a real opportunity for that crucial and rare communication between these family members that many times has my reader and me in tears. And when they sing to their kids, oh my. That really gets me.

  • I felt drawn to do something for people who are someone’s son or daughter, sister or brother - who made a mistake. It could be any of us.


  • As a retired kindergarten-first grade teacher and a lover of children’s books, I want children to learn by example the joy, the importance and the power of reading. And parents are the best and first example for them.


  • When I hear a mom say, ‘Honey, I’m going to read you this book for your birthday,’ I realize how much Storybook Project means.

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