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“I have to admit this book reading is one of the most heartfelt things anyone can do for us. It allows us to not only share with our kids but show we love and are thinking of them. Thank God for the Storybook Project." –Byron

The Storybook Project of Arkansas is a simple idea with a big impact. By recording inmates reading a book to the children in their lives, we give incarcerated parents an opportunity to be a parent and a positive role model for their children. With a book and CD which they can play over and over, children are able to hear their loved one’s voice and to know that they are loved and missed. Chaplains in the Arkansas Department of Corrections support our program because reconnecting inmates with their lives outside the prison helps to restore relationships and increases the chance of success after release.

Connecting families separated by incarceration through the joy of reading.

Join us! Volunteer to record readers, pack books and CDs for mailing, hold a book drive, keep a database, host a house party, write grants, and generally help us spread the word and fundraise.

All books, supplies, postage, transportation, and marketing are donated by our supporters and dedicated volunteers and go directly to funding and growing our program. 

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